Things To Do on La Digue Island

Things To Do on La Digue Island
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Things To Do on La Digue Island

Close neighbour to Praslin and to its satellite islands, La Digue is the third largest populated island in Seychelles. It takes an approximate 1hr 15mins by boat or 15 minutes by helicopter from Mahe, or 15 minutes by boat from Praslin.

Surrounded by coral reef, the island has no natural harbour, but it is served by a jetty where boats from Mahe and Praslin Island disembark their visitors by thousands every year. There are few cars and motorized vehicles on La Digue and the main means of transport is by bicycle or ox carts. Bicycles are therefore the best way to see the island in all its glory, bicycles can be rented directly at the hotel at the rate of SCR100 per day per bicycle.

The friendly atmosphere of this island with its languid pace of life, traditional architecture and breathtaking beaches, such as the legendary Anse Source D'argent is an absolute must for visitors.

Places To See

ANSE SOURCE D'ARGENT BEACH - One of the famous and renowned beach on La Digue. Access to Anse Source D'argent is through L'Union Estate, a fee of SCR100 is to be paid at the gate for entrance to L'Union Estate.

Anse Source D'argent  Anse Source D'argent  Anse Source D'argent 

GRAND ANSE BEACH - Wide beach with large granite rock formations. This beach is one of the best on La Digue Island for surfing as it has a lot of high waves.

Grand Anse Beach  Grand Anse Beach  Grand Anse Beach

VEUVE RESERVE - Nature Reserve on La Digue which is home to Paradise Flycatcher ('Vev') and other elusive birds. The reserve is very quiet with only the sound of the birds' humming. Visitors are required not to make noise while visiting as the birds like tranquility.

Veuve Reserve  Veuve Reserve  Veuve Reserve

ANSE COCOS - Anse Cocos is just opposite Petite Anse which is reachable from the Grand Anse beach (for an approximate 30 minutes walking) or from Anse Fourmis.

Anse Cocos  Anse Cocos  Anse Cocos 

ANSE SEVERE - Beautiful sandy beach with shallow and calm water which recommended for snorkeling and swimming.

Anse Severe  Anse Severe  Anse Severe

L'UNION ESTATE PARK - The L'Union Estate Park comprises of the Vanilla Plantation, Tortoise Pen, Copra Mill and the cemetery of the first settlers of La Digue Island. The entrance fee to L'Union Estate is SCR100. 

L'Union Estate Park  L'Union Estate Park  L'Union Estate Park

ANSE MARRON - Spectacular beach which is a definite must-see on La Digue. The granite rocks have formed a small pool with shallow water. The beach is accessible from Anse Source D'argent. Tour Guide is required.

Anse Marron  Anse Marron  Anse Marron

NID D'AIGLE - A trail on La Digue leading to one of the most spectacular views of the island. This place is by far the island's highest point where you will be able to see Praslin, Felicite, Marianne and Fregate (on clear days).

Nid D'aigle  Nid D'aigle  Nid D'aigle

  • Address:  Anse Patate, La Digue Island, Seychelles
  • Phone:  +248 4 294 300
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